Development of Technical Document

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RiMi QC has a team of senior engineers. We can help you to plan and further solve the problems in products, manufacturing process, supply chain and working flow, etc. with aspects of quality system management, product safety and standards. 

Product Specification Services

Many clients only have a sample, or perhaps even an idea with simple drawings, so it is of vital importance to provide comprehensive specifications, instructions, samples and checklists for proper quality control. RiMi QC can assist in providing what is need to provide accurate specifications. Some of the services include: Drawing / Specifications Documentation / QC Checklist.

Quality Control Plan

This is another essential document. It lists what the control steps (inspections and laboratory tests) will be, and who will pay in case of a failure. Get it signed by the supplier before production starts.

Prepared FMEA

We can identify most of the potential points of failure before production starts. This is an essential step for importers who design custom products. The goal is to address all these points through better design, or to follow them up closely during production.

Translation of Technical Document

Our technical team are able to offer professional translation and explanation of the technical documents provided by the client.

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