We Are Your Quality Control Helpers !

Inspection Services

 Is your order produced according to your specifications?

 How to ensure the factory introduces the right quality checks?

 Is the container well loaded?

When you are purchasing products, you need trustworthy independent inspection services to ensure that meet your quality standards. Our inspection services can help you to reduce risk and control quality.

Supplier Audits

 Is this the real factory?

 How verify that your supplier’s quality system is suitable for your supply chain?

 Is your factory following international and local rules and regulations?

Our specialist audit service teams offer global experience in every industry to ensure that your projects, products, processes and operations go above and beyond the market regulations and standards required.

Project Management

 How to ensure product standard requirements in your supply chain?

 Need support with technical documents?

 Do you own professional project engineers to follow up the products in China?

RiMi QC just as your own function extension of quality assurance and technical team in China, we leverage our technology to bring greater value to your organization through higher service levels.

How to Start

1  ------> Client sends us product or audit information by email ( sales06@rimiqc.com )    ------>    2  We provide client with a quotation and invoice   ------>   3  Client provides us with confirmation and bank slip   ------>   4  We arrange and perform the inspection or audit  ------>   5  We send client the report within 24 hours   ------>   6  Client reviews the report accepts or rejects the inspection or audit

Why Choose Us

Professional: Preparing technical documents and conduct corresponding quality control program for the requirements of different product, client and supplier.

Highly Effective: Instant response, rapid arrangement, fast report and quick complain solving.

Service Spirit: Understanding client's needs in full attention, working independently, focus on integrity and innovation, and continual improvement.